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  1. My dad told me had sex with 7 men at the same time

  2. A good real estate agent is worth their weight in golf when it comes to buying property.

  3. I live in Bridport, West Dorset. I use Lyme Regis (weirdly well known), the TV show Broadchurch and then finally Bournemouth as geographical indicators. If that fails I just say, ‘South Coast over to the west, lovely place to live’.

  4. What's that orange thing in the third photo? ಠ_ಠ

  5. I meant that thing between the sea and birds but it's too early for sarcasm I guess! 😉

  6. It’s hard to be sure but that looks like a pebble dash upper half above a stone fascia lower half. It looks like a junior architect’s first project and they tried to include as many popular features from house design over the last 50 years as they could. The whole thing is a mess.

  7. Stayed in Weymouth and did day trips along the coast in both directions. Didn’t really spend any time in Weymouth itself.

  8. Watching tumpies learn about how OLD SCHOOL conservative judges operate is fun. Dude seems to be suffering a strong case of following basic tenants of the law.

  9. I'd jump on top of a hickory stump and say "Croc, let me tell you what. I guess you didn't know it but there's a difference between your and you're and if you'd care to sit down here for a short while, I'll explain it to you in detail."

  10. It's not an excuse for anything, but sometimes it is an explanation.

  11. No. As an ex-smoker I know how tough it is to quit. I don't like the smell at all now but wouldn't judge anyone for smoking unless they're the sort that doesn't care how it affects others.

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