1. Yea, I'm much better now. I used to hate a bunched of transphobic racist etc memes and shit on my timeline/feed/fyp. And I just thought we were joking but I soon realized a lot of them weren't. A lot of people thought worse actually. I realized I was just getting brainwashed into thinking it was ok

  2. Just measure it with a ruler. And you don't need 7 inches for starters, you can start whenever

  3. I'm guessing you have ibs or some other issues that forces you to be a total top, sad to hear:/

  4. Not trying to invalidate you but this is a very western-American-centric perspective.

  5. Yea it is, I clarified towards the top of the post, I think But yea, in instance where white people are vastly not the majority they too can be dehumanized and fetishized.

  6. 100% agree with you. But you should have this convo with guys who have BBC in their profile too cause they’ll perpetuating this. And when you have the convo with them let us know how it goes

  7. Exotic isn't really a word anyone would use to describe me so I could never give you the best answer but from what I know and read:

  8. Just delete social media. If it comes up in an interview, just say, “sorry, I don’t want to answer that question.”

  9. Idk man, I hate not knowing, had bad experiences trying to look for signs that weren't there.

  10. Not sure that it's really related. I produce huge amounts of precum and it took we over 10 years to get results. Precum is produced by the Cowpers glands which are separate from the prostate. I love producing it!

  11. Can I ask how you learned 4 languages? Was it through immersion, or online, teachers etc. etc.

  12. It seems like that bc it doesn't impact or you've never thought about how it impacts you.

  13. We are the minority group, at least one of them, gays

  14. But long story short your hair is stronger than gravity, not enough weight to pull it down. You could try wet it water and that will wieght it down. It might dry slightlower than what you have now

  15. For me, I have depression as well and also hate styles that take forever but I do mini twists or mini braids and although it can take hours, I know I’ll be leaving them in for like two weeks. So I just deal with the long process knowing I’ll be free for two weeks of not having to mess with my hair.

  16. Shit, if your hair is coily enough you can leave em in for 3. Just spray em with water. And the redo them

  17. Big hug, sweetheart. I am proud of you for asking. That takes strength. 💝🍀💐

  18. Do you blow dry your hair first, I don't want to blowdry my hair at all but still want to learn how to flattwist

  19. Ppl are saying tist out, but I think this is more of a "coil out". Finger coil they hair ,and then uncoil it a bit. It'll get a bit frizzy.

  20. Because I don't exaggerate, I've been told that mine had to be at least 9". I'm only 7".

  21. My reply is “oh, you mean who’s the boy and who’s the girl…. We’re both the boy. That’s the point.”

  22. I actually posted photos of me in the costume to this sub last night and people downvoted it to 0 before it could get popular, so I took it down. If this comment fairs better, I'll re-upload it once I get home and add that story.

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