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  1. It's really not an issue, surely you aren't both hanging around the kitchen if ones is cooking?

  2. My partner and I cook together. We tend to hang out in the evening and chit chat while we get dinner finished. Shoot, a large portion of the long term relationship is spent figuring out what’s for dinner lol.

  3. You're saying it's healthy to choose between sabotaging your health or sabotaging her mental health? There are things you don't make her watch, like you wiping your ass. That's not a secret that will ruin a relationship. This is just another one of them.

  4. I feel like I’m in that Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman interview right now lol.

  5. Both of my children’s fathers had gay days, although neither of them would describe themselves as bi or anything.

  6. I have a similar situation where people will think I’m one of the gays or I’m at least bi… and admittedly I’m also attracted to more feminine guys and my boyfriend is kind of ambidextrous ;) I forgot the right word but you know what I mean, not to masc not too fem

  7. If your parents didn't show you how to express yourself or handle your emotions when you where a kid is very likely to cry in an argument cuz you can't handle the rage

  8. Your answer makes perfect sense to me. I rage cry. We did not do anger well in our house growing up. It either didn’t exist or it was delusional and weird.

  9. By all means if she’s a good lerson kinda chirl, go for it. Gitchu summm

  10. Yeah this same thing happens to me when i close my eyes but Ive been able to see whole mandalas with orange and yellow and electric blue stars and symbols

  11. I gotta close my eyes really hard til its intense😂 hurts fs

  12. So if I determine the correlation between infant influenza infection and developed belief in astrology then... 😳

  13. So there may be some factual basis for astrology. The influenza virus may have some effect on the fetus’s brain during gestation.

  14. It is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for wonderful changes to take place in your life. 

  15. I miss people… my foot is messed up. Everything is gonna be okay, right?

  16. I can see the appeal in choir music, but it’s not my cup of tea. The many becoming one is awesome tho.

  17. If you go to a religious school, you’d learn about miracles. So… there ARE schools that teach this.

  18. They don’t teach this in mainstream academic society is what I mean. No philosophy religion or science class teaches this except for niche schools with highly specific subjects.

  19. I’m in America; we have a pretty big rule about keeping the church and state separate.

  20. If you love lateralus, you should check out existential reckoning by Maynard’s other band Puscifer. Its amazing in headphones.

  21. To me, the song sort of calls back to a blend of existentialist and absurdist philosophy, in the likes of Sartre and Camus.

  22. The timing of the song has something to do w the Fibonacci sequence. Quick google search will back this claim up. You can find this sequence throughout nature, in snail shells, hurricanes, the spiraling of leaves. Lots of plants have leaves that are Fibonacci numbers.

  23. It leaves when you need to focus on you for a minute. That’s how it is for me.

  24. I can feel it as tingles. I’ll be occupied doing something else and feel sparkly tingles around me or in particular areas. You have to be aware of your thoughts, as one person said already, so that you are not calling them into your space.

  25. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ll try this, I’ve not been thinking to much about them today and letting them do their own thing. We’ll see what happens next time we make eye contact or I get a random intuitive bout

  26. You can really tell so much from eye contact… usually when I have striking eye contact moments that I think of later, it usually means what I think it means.

  27. Same. Some people who fight for the center of attention truly don’t deserve it, and that’s when I get introverted. They’re not entertaining or insightful, they’re just selfish.

  28. Fresh air is better than nicotine vapor is better than cigarette smoke.

  29. You ever just talk to the sky? It’s a great and endless source of energy. I’ve had some of my best mystical times talking to the sky. Life will respond : )

  30. I saw your comment about religion in another post, which was a great response, so I kinda scrolled your profile. I like knowing other ppls stories : )

  31. Some men are jerks, some men are amazing. Everyone has darkness in their being, as well as light.

  32. She really just put every male in this community under the umbrella of misogynistic though

  33. I didn’t take it that way. I think she’s pointing out an imbalance.

  34. No way!!!! That's insane, I actually have the same tattoo design on my forearm! Hope you two had an amazing concert experience!

  35. Umm the image I used is of someone’s forearm lol. It’s a sick design! Wouldn’t it be weird if it’s you I got the idea from?

  36. Interesting... I actually came across him too on a dating app and checked out his instagram. Something in his eyes tells me this is a really disturbed person. .I can't quite say exactly what it is but it's like he's hollow inside. And something there that cannot be trusted at all.

  37. Hollow is a good word for it. I just took it as confirmation my intuition is pretty spot on. Thankful for that!

  38. Yeah it's intuition. You can really tell a lot about a person by their eyes honestly. I feel bad for saying it but his eyes just look so troubled. I believe he posted a response to allegations clip about himself. Seems that people who were his victims were sending his followers messages and videos. If he really did treat women badly and sexually assault them, I don't understand how he's crying boo hoo and complaining this is opening up his past traumas. What about the traumas he's caused other women? Around the time I matched with him on a dating app, I went over and watched his reels (which are now removed). In it, he did mention that he mistreated women in the past and used them for his own validation and insecurities. Said that he didn't feel worthy of them and that he pushed them away if they showed him they cared. I saw that and basically stopped replying. I know people can change but the eyes just basically confirmed the gut feeling I had about him.

  39. I messaged him about using the Truth for his own gain. “Be careful.” Bc some things cost… he probably saw it but ignored.

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