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  1. It doesn't have to be a funeral. A lot of the same, one way, tryhard games can really get under your skin. Especially when missing the old, good stuff. It may not bother you, but it can bother other people.

  2. I have my eyebrows permanently microbladed. It isn't actually permanent, it fades, it's expensive, painful, and you have to get it redone every several months or so. I really wouldn't recommend it. I only did it because I can't grow my own eyebrows

  3. I was playing DBD actually and saw your picture while on hook. I stg I did the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme

  4. Wdym room? There's no limited space. I'm a gay trans dude, and I've not experienced much bs from other gay men. Sure, some are dicks, but there are those that aren't. I got welcomed into the community with open arms, brother. I'm sure you will be, too.

  5. Im planning to go to Canada in a few years to escape the US with a friend of mine. We're just working on getting the money right now and he has to finish his last year of school

  6. That's in the skin, not in the nipple. Take them out ASAP and help them heal

  7. Omg yes they did. That piercing goes through the aerola. It's not supposed to do that. Take it out ASAP and let it heal, get it pierced again in a few months with someone different. Make sure it doesn't get infected

  8. Good luck on DBD, it's going to hell recently with the devs trying to 'fix' things again. Just got off that after a long day of tunnelers

  9. Kinda seems like she's trying to get 'supportive parent' brownie points without actually being supportive. But impressive for a JW

  10. Sounds like you are pretty obsessed with me lmao. OP knows fairly well that he did nothing unique, that's why he tries to crave for validation from people on here who give him pity points, like you.

  11. OP is literally just sharing an accomplishment that they're proud of. You're pretty pathetic to shit on them just for sharing what they're proud of. You're the problem. Stop going around being an asshat.

  12. You don't need dysphoria to be trans. All you need is euphoria as your preferred gender. That's all there is to it. You feel happier as a man, enby, or whatever else than your assigned gender at birth? That's a sign that you're trans. But ultimately, that decision is up to you.

  13. Are there gonna be other people? Band with them and make the 'therapists' lives hell. Look at it like a game and fuck with them. Have fun with it. Make them quit. Don't let them control you, make them feel hopeless about getting anywhere with 'converting' you.

  14. Really want to embarrass them? Next time they touch you, stand up and yell at them about it. Yell as loud as you can, "Stop touching me!" or anything like it and glare a hole through them. Give them everyone's attention in the worst way possible.

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