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  1. Personally idc what anyone does even having gone vegetarian but pain most certainly exists still. Food for thought.

  2. It does. It is perceived in the mind. Extreme example but if say your finger got chopped off, you’d perceive a lot of pain. That is personally why I don’t eat meat but that’s just my opinion. We don’t require meat to be alive. Eating flesh seems very sinister to me nowadays as well as farming livestock the way we are farmed practically. I do wish everyone to be free to do what they want though. I wanna make it clear that I’m not trying to push my beliefs. Just my view. Ik some of them vegan extremists go overboard. 😂

  3. That’s what you see? Looks beautiful to me. Interesting.

  4. I’ve never had a problem. Just be mindful of 3 leaf plants. Don’t take chances if you’re not sure.

  5. Observe the itch. Don’t scratch it. Refocus. It’ll go away.

  6. We are not in a part of time. Time is the prison itself.

  7. Ive recently flipped on this and i agree with you. Its a dangerous idea and to me obvious propaganda. To make you feel alone and/or not responsible for your actions.

  8. Agreed. A useless topic really. Not gonna lead to freedom or happiness regardless if NPC exist or not. Respect to whatever anyone chooses to spend time thinking about though.

  9. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨❤️

  10. Mediation is a game changer. It’s not just sitting there doing nothing. Believe me. Look into it.

  11. My view is to just treat everyone with the love & respect you’d like to receive whether NPCs exist or don’t exist. It serves no purpose to you & your escape to concern yourself with the concept. Just ends up being a distraction because, either way, none of us know much on the subject. Only speculation really. Interesting for sure but not of much use for freedom.

  12. Indeed, I see people posting random cubes with no meaning on here so, figured I’d post it

  13. Good idea. Let’s contribute more useless images because others are doing it. No offense but doesn’t help anyone.

  14. Illegally distribute out-of-season McRibs

  15. Just don’t be scared. You’re welcome.

  16. I'm on the team that believes the Matrix is purposely designed to feed off negative energy. Depression, anger, Hate, sadness, stress, anxiety. You know all that good awful shit.

  17. What book is he reading? Frodo failed to destoy the Ring. :X

  18. Cheap jewelry mixed with harmful metals that usually come from China I’d say are probably no good. Also a lot of jewelry that’s cheap has a resin(plastic) coating on it to make it polished or shiny looking & we all know plastic is no good for you. Micro plastics & the chemicals in plastic are harmful for your overall health. A lot of plastics also contain fluoride as one of the many chemical ingredients.

  19. Don’t these AI’s turn your keywords into google searches, pulling images then combining and redrawing them?

  20. Yeahhh. These AI generated things are pretty useless for the group. No offense to OP.

  21. I can’t do any better. Good job. XD

  22. More of this. Beautiful pic, OP.

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