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  1. The point still stands about the importance of seatbelts, but I'm a bit confused because I'm pretty sure those are 2 totally different clips.

  2. The 2nd clip is not from the van, it's from the car. It T-bones the van, doesn't flip but turns 90° which if you watch carefully in the 2nd clip, you can actually see, ending with the crosswalk from the 1st clip behind the car, visible through the right window.

  3. Ohhhh I don’t know why I assumed the van was the focus here my bad xd

  4. It’s probably at the bottom. You can see the scroll bar on the right.

  5. steep learning curve you won't play anyone else who are just starting out. coming from a rep 4 you won't see anyone under rep 100

  6. That’s just not true. I’m only like rep 17 and very rarely do I see someone above rep 100

  7. Looking for a home for my tauren warrior

  8. Hi! Please add me on Discord so we can talk :)

  9. Well this might be one of the most stupid things I've read on reddit...

  10. Yeah.. have you read all of his replies? I'm starting to think he's a troll.

  11. That makes absolutely 0 sense. What are you even trying to say?

  12. I have a blue on white reverse swastika with no tilt because I think it looks cool on vikings. Denazify the swastika and make it great again.

  13. Where did he say he doesn't have time for a hobby?

  14. Tell that to every teammate I get who feeds revenge. I don’t watch but I would prefer a lot of people did.

  15. You're telling me you don't love it when you're in a 1v1 that you know you're capable of winning, but a teammate jumps in feeds revenge and dies?

  16. It's honestly really odd that it doesn't. It's literally a ghost horse. Even those unicorns can fly.

  17. I'm rep 570 something and not once have I watched a YouTuber play this game. What for

  18. Okay that's a different question though. You can't bring a hypothetical situation into it like "How WOULD they react if they knew..."

  19. Thank god. Nothing will beat the classic ui

  20. Oh right, that must be why so many people use addons to completely overhaul the classic ui.

  21. People like that mostly just want the attention. They HAVE to tell you how they are not going to give evil blizzard any money.

  22. They told me, but they showed me a video of a guys with autism and adhd and that looked thr same to how I am

  23. Yeah come on guys, he watched a video. That's obviously the same thing as getting diagnosed by a professional.

  24. You're basically at the end of the expansion and people are winding down or have wound down. A lot of guilds have stopped raiding already. I'd say do whatever you want with your core group for the rest of the expansion. My guild has just been casually doing fated stuff for the jelly cat mount.

  25. Our Discord actually has like 150+ people, as it is a gaming community, with a WoW section and VCs, announcements etc. (people only see the channels for the game they’ve selected as a role, as well as the overall general channels) So at the very least, we have a pretty active Discord in general.

  26. It’s just another classic old man that likes to sit upon their high horse spitting on people that play retail. They think they’re superior, just because they play an older version of the game.

  27. I saw it while the game was updating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  28. Okay well I didn't. I don't actively check the launcher for shit like that. What is your point exactly?

  29. The same as yours....the post was unnecessary.

  30. Alright then. We seem to be at an agreement.

  31. I mean, to be fair, it's a pretty shit joke.

  32. Because it's not the group's job to educate you. There are tons of resources out there OP can use before getting into groups. If you play a team game without understanding what your role is and how to do it you're actively wasting other peoples' time.

  33. Bro it's a fucking leveling dungeon. Not a +25 key.

  34. Clearly the answer is 0 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 8

  35. I like the part where he throws a top light.

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